My Boss Job Right Now

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MacNeil, Dorothy EMGT 605 Engineering Management Initial Assignment If I was promoted to do my bosses job right now, I would be in trouble. I have a new boss and he is spectacular. He has many more years of work experience. He has a black belt from GE and is at least 4 grades levels above me. He is intelligent, kindhearted, and he gets people. I honestly don’t know if I could or would want to take on all that he does. On top of all that, I have no experience at managing other people. I have been asked to supervise in the past. I was offered a lot of money to do so, but, I chose to do something else. I know the human resource aspect of this job must be extremely difficult to deal with on occasion. Some people’s behavior can be simply intolerable and even borderline ridiculous. It’s not a position I’ve not been drawn too and money is not a key motivator for me. But in this hypothetical situation, there is no choice, I’m promoted and my boss is gone. The good news is that there is not much of a group left to manage. There are only two of us left. My coworker is very knowledgeable, with many more years of experience than myself. Although, I doubt she would resent answering to me too much, for the fact that she leans on me heavily to answer and teach her to do things that she can’t figure out on her own. She knows I have both a respect and appreciation for what she achieves. I think as far as knowledge goes about the actual job, school has more than prepared me for a lot of

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