My Brain On Video Games

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Your Brain on Video Games Cathryn A. Andrews California State University, Fresno Information TED talk: Daphne Bavelier: Your Brain on Video Games: Topic Introduction Everyday both adults and children play video games. Some people argue that video games have many negative effects including poor eyesight and inattention. The TED talk by Daphne Bavelier (2012) discusses some of the current research regarding the effect video games have on your brain. Bavelier (2012) talks more specifically about the effects of action video games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and similarly formatted games on a person’s vision and attention span. This paper will explore both the TED talk by Bavelier (2012) and other relevant research on the subject. Description On average, 90% of school aged individuals and 70% of head of households with a median age of 33, play video games. General wisdom says that playing video games leads to poor eyesight and greater attention deficits with higher rates of distractibility. Bavelier (2012) states that research does not support general wisdom and even refutes it strongly under certain conditions. Bavelier’s research has shown that people who play action games such as Call of Duty, actually have better eyesight in at least 2 conditions and are also able to switch attention much more swiftly and with fewer deficits than
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