My Brain was on Autopilot

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Have you ever forgotten your wallet or purse? When did the realisation hit you? It probably wasn't spontaneous. It was likely that you needed it and reached in your bag only to find that it wasn't there, then confusion hit. You then mentally rehearsed your morning routine. In my situation, my bag was packed from the night before like always. However, the night earlier I had to take out my wallet to use my credit card and after I put it on my desk. It was a momentary lapse of memory but that was all it took. When i woke up in the morning my brain was on autopilot due to the same continuous routine and the wallet on the desk broke the routine but it was easily forgotten. This wasn’t me being negligent, as I later researched, this is an understood brain functionality. Your brain works on many levels and they can be split into 3 main parts: the smart bit at the top which thinks and analyses, then the middle part that makes and holds memories and the bit at the bottom that controls voluntary but barely conscious actions. If you were solving a problem, you would think about it and then after you've solved it remember how you did it, but you wouldn't think about breathing as this is a familiar routine motor skill. I wasn't thinking about digesting my food, i was thinking whether i would drop my son, David, off at the play group in time or have to deal with Mrs Robinson again. There is a level of the brain that deals with routine habits so that the other levels can deal with other
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