My Breaking the Norm Experiment

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In Today’s society Interracial relationships is still looked down upon. Eau claire states “Before 1967 interracial relationships was illegal, In fact mixed race marriages were illegal in 16 states in 1961”. As advanced as we Americans have come with technology and equality still many people have an opinion on couples who are of the opposite race. In my experiment me and an African American friend of mine went to local restaurants in various locations and noted down the service we experienced from These different restaurants and venues. We expected to get mixed reactions from the two different locations.Some positive along with negative reactions, After all we are testing this theory in a small southern town. Our first stop was in Murray County, The Environment in Murray county is very southern.The people are Judgmental and There are very few cultures other than Caucasians.We was Hesitant as to what the reaction would be from these local people. Our first stop was at this mom and pop restaurant.The Majority of these customers are local hard working southern individuals, The majority have never been outside of Murray county nor are as welcoming to other races invading their town. Immediately we noticed that most of the eyes was on us. We Entered the southern restaurant Holding hands to make it evident that we was a couple. I felt as if I didn’t Belong and felt totally out of place.Still sticking with my assignment we stayed. The atmosphere was immediately shifted. The

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