My Brother: A Source of Inspiration

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When I was younger I truly believed we were never going to get along and I was never going to have a close relationship with him. Thankfully, as we both grew up we matured and although we still have those moments every once in a while, we have actually learned how to get along and become friends. It took me a while to realize it, but Juan has such a positive attitude and outgoing personality that draws people to him. Anytime I would see him he'd be smiling or joking about something. I was so used to seeing him happy that the day I saw that smile wiped away from his face for the first time was one of the hardest. It was a normal Wednesday afternoon. Juan was weeks away from graduating high school with everything going for him; he had been accepted into Texas A&M, had a great scholarship offered to him, and it seemed like he didn’t have one bad thing going on. Him and his best friend, Draike, were trying to enjoy their last weeks as seniors relaxing and hanging out as much as they could before they parted separate ways for college. The weather was perfect to go fishing, so they grabbed a couple of fishing rods and headed to the creek in our neighborhood. After a few hours of talking and unsuccessfully catching any fish, they decided to head back home, but right as they came up to the parking lot my friend, Tiffany,…

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