My Brother Mitchell Handles The Athletics Scene Better Than Anyone I Know

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Before we start this final chapter, can you believe we’ve made it? Twenty chapters at twenty years old, and here comes number twenty-one. I believe there’s no better way to end this book than to declare, with boundless joy, the glory of God. When life gets good, glory can get in the way of things. Even as I finish this book, I wonder whom I will meet and help because of this. However, God’s Will for the last twenty-one chapters has everything to do with Him and little to do with me. It’s a battle we face every day, especially for young men. Whenever we do things people value or applaud, we think it’s us who they cheer for. My brother Mitchell handles the athletics scene better than anyone I know. After pitching against Texas A&M in the…show more content…
Every time he thought he would be ready to make his comeback, another setback occurred. It reached the point where he began to feel dead inside. God lovingly restored Mitchell’s health, but more importantly, his heart, when He brought him out on the mound this year. He stopped trying to light up radar guns and started trying to become an effective pitcher – to perfect the craft God gifted him with. At this moment, he became what Kirk Saarloos, his pitching coach, would probably call a “pitcher” not a “thrower.” In one season of collegiate baseball, Mitchell became nominated as a top-60 player finalist for the Golden Spikes Award, which goes to the best player in all of college baseball. He received all-Big 12 honors at the end of the season. He put his team in a position to send them to Omaha, and eventually helped eliminate LSU, while competing in the College World Series. That’s quite the resume for one year of collegiate baseball. The day after we beat Texas A&M, Mitchell and I drove home for the 2015 MLB Draft. While he received the chance to become a professional baseball player at this time, Mitchell declined the opportunity. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. As he sat in our living room under pressure with phone calls coming in, he continued to say the decision needed to be made out of faith, not fear. So, he decided to return to TCU for another season, where God will use Mitchell mightily as a
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