My Brother ' S Shadows

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ABOUT BOOKS TO READ ESSAYS MY BROTHER’S SHADOWS QUOTES //the divinity of christ Introduction The claim that Jesus Christ was divine is one of the most fundamental doctrines of the Christian church. It is upon this foundation that the church has been built, and upon which a number of other vital doctrines take their stand. It is therefore imperative that Christians are able to adequately defend the divinity of Christ from both a historical and theological perspective, to ensure the faith remains real and relevant for today’s world. Ever since the church’s inception, almost 2000 years ago, it has been attacked by various heresies that have sought to destroy it. The claim of Christ’s divinity has been one such target. In recent years, one…show more content…
We are now living in an age where there is no such thing as neutral truth, and everything is treated with a ‘hermeneutic of suspicion’.[2] As a result, people are usually taking on board different philosophies and theories they like and almost mixing them all together. It can be difficult to communicate the message of the gospel within this context, much less the divinity of Christ. However, it is the church’s mission to do so, and in this essay I aim to adequately examine and explain the historical reasons why the early Christians came to the startling conclusion that Jesus was divine. Before this can be done, however, I will examine the evidence for the existence of Jesus as a real man within history. Historical evidence for Jesus’ existence There has been much debate over the years over the very existence of Jesus, and whether he was a real man than walked the earth or whether he was simply made up by the writers of the New Testament. This is a very serious argument, since if it can be proved that Jesus never existed, then the entire Christian faith would collapse upon itself and the question of Jesus’ divinity would become completely irrelevant. Fortunately, many great historians, theologians and scholars have provided a solid basis for believing in a real Jesus of history. Steve Kumar notes that contemporary skepticism about the existence of Christ has come from non-specialists, that is, people who are untrained in
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