My Brother Sam Is Dead Analysis

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My Brother Sam Is Dead Essay

The Revolutionary War of 1775 was a brutal war between the British and the colonies. During this time many college students left their studies to go and fight, one fictional example of this is Sam Meeker. In Collier and Collier's book My Brother Sam Is Dead Sam Meeker is a college dropout who goes to fight for the war. The narrator of this book, Tim Meeker, is Sam's little brother. While Sam is away at war Tim's life changes with death and the reality of what war is like. Throughout the book we slowly start to understand how our authors feel about war and all the death.Including the differentiation thoughts between young and older people, the heroic ideals vs the brutal reality and how war tears families apart . In Collier and Collier’s book My Brother Sam Is Dead we know that the authors are against was.

One way the authors show they are against war is the clash of generations. During the book we see that the younger and older generations have very different views of the war. The younger generation (mostly college students) felt the need to run off and join the war to become the hero they have always dreamed about. The older generation feels as though it is foolish to try to start a war and feel the need to hide and protect themselves. On page 10 it talks about how many college students left to go fight for the war and came back only to brag. On page 6 it talks about the adults opinions on how the war should be handled. Both sides are brought up on the book a significant amount of times making it one of the three biggest themes. The authors feel as though there is a clash of generations during the war showing that they are against the war.

Another way the authors prove there point is by showing how war can tear families apart. During the beginning of the book we find out that Sam Meeker supports the patriots where his father is a redcoat. Because of this there is a very noticeable tone in which they use when speaking to each other. During the book we see sam and his father start to become more and more distant. One example of this is on page 157 we see that sam is not happy with father being kidnapped but he shows no sign of hurt or fear as Tim and Mother did. On page 37 we

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