My Brother Took His Own Life

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Each day, Cosmopolitan updates their website with gossipy celebrity news articles and emotional real-life reads, provided in a chatty, youthful tone. In contrast, ABC publishes transcripts daily that cover current news issues from all over the globe. Every transcript posted utilises structured and formal language, and provides facts and statistics within the story. Both forms of mass-media the Cosmopolitan web article My Brother Took His Own Life, and ABC’s radio transcript, Suicide Leading Cause of Death for Young Australians, address the same issue, youth suicide, in varying ways. PURPOSE Cosmopolitan’s web article aims to publish entertaining reads with most articles covering funny and youthful topics. However, this real-life read utilises …show more content…

On a white background, playful, colourful fonts and coloured images are utilised to direct the reader’s attention to the story. The images of the victim, and his sisters, span the width of the article to intrigue the reader and emphasise that the story is real. These visuals are utilised to keep up with Cosmopolitan’s usual entertainment value found in their articles, despite the seriousness of the story. The article begins with a brief introduction to the story about to be told to help reader gauge whether this will be a story that interests …show more content…

The real-life read itself is written by a young female, and the images attached to the article are predominantly photographs of women. The way the real-life read is written, with the use of informal language and a chatty tone, appeals to Cosmopolitan’s general audience. Alternatively, ABC’s radio transcript appeals to the general public, ranging from adults through to older generations. The more formal language, with a wider vocabulary appeals to older audiences. Despite the topic of the interview concerning youths, the form of this article appeals to ABC’s general audience, rather than

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