My Brother Who Helps Me Succeed

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Life has many struggles and challenges that every person has to go through, however, I was lucky enough to have a brother who helps me succeed. Daniel is the name of my older brother by five years, and within the 16 years of knowing him, my life would not be the same without him. Out of all the people in the world Daniel understands me the most, due to our similar struggles and experiences. My brother is one of the uttermost influential people in my life, with the knowledge and strength that he gained by being five years my senior, he has taught me determination, learn from my mistakes, and open mindedness. Ten years ago, when I started first grade, homework was not something I enjoyed and I had no determination to finish my work, however, Daniel would be there to make sure I did my work even though I’d rather play outside. Despite my disliking of homework, I realised how important grades are and how I should put effort into school. Not only did I not enjoy school at a young age, but I was also awful at playing video games, mainly because I didn’t understand what the buttons would do. However, due to my brother’s constant victories, my determination to win began to grow and I learned how to become better at things once I put some effort towards them. Whether we were going to the same school or I was battling against him on a video game, Daniel has shown me that being focused and determined will lead me to success. Thanks to my older brother, I have learned lessons from
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