My Brother 's Success As A Doctor

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I start my morning off as usual, rushing out the door so my dad could drive me to school. Yet as much as I love him, he makes multiple contradicting comments about my school life and my overall personality in one sitting. I was always told by my older sister and mom to let it all go in one ear and out the other. The more I would try not to listen, the more it didn 't work. He nagged me yet again about my future.
The man obviously would not accept anything outside of the medical field, for that 's all he talked about. He rambled on about my uncle 's success as a doctor, my mother studying to become a nurse, my older sister studying pharmaceutical education. It seemed he loved the sound of his own voice.
He continued to explain that he only wanted me to be prepared for the future. However, I already had a plan. In spite of that, he would never approve. He wasn 't a huge fan of psychology, nor was he ever going to allow his children in the art field that did not pay well. I wondered if I would ever be enough. I continued to think that I would have to change my route again.
I was lucky he didn 't go on about my weaknesses. He would usually rant about my activity levels, the need to socialize outside of school, study habits, classes that matter or don’t matter according to him. I sat quietly beside him, knowing how much I kept to myself. A child is told they can trust a parent, but that 's not always the case. I feared disappointing anybody, no matter who it is.
Walking into…
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