My Bubble Research Paper

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In the past, I was not the most outgoing of people. I never spoke over others, and I only opened my mouth when asked. I always let others walk over me because I feared confrontation. I lived within my own bubble of safety. As long as I stayed within the boundaries of everything and away from everyone, I convinced myself that this was the most efficient way to live. No problems with anyone else, and no problems within my life. Although the life I lived was very safe, it was also very colorless. This mindset of safety clouded over me and influenced almost all of my choices.
I never seemed to muster up the courage to talk to new people and stayed within my circle of friends. I never branched out, I never tried out for sports, or the school musical or anything new because I feared the results would not turn out in my favor. Even food wise, I did not try new things. Growing up in a Filipino household, I was offered a plethora of diverse cultural foods; I however, had a very strict diet of apple slices and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This tied to my mindset of staying within my safety bubble. Trying new things was against my entire being, as if I would malfunction like a robot without oil.
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I came to the grave realization that our cabinets were dry of all things seemingly edible to me. All foods that existed within my safety universe had unknowingly all slipped away from me at once. My mother eventually returned home, hours after wallowing in my famine, which only allowed for my hunger to grow greater than it has ever been. My ravenous self rejoiced when I saw a white takeout bag in her hands. I pounced over to her, only for myself to discover my only hope for sustenance was, mozzarella sticks. This began an internal battle within myself on whether I should allow myself to starve or try something new, which was far beyond any beliefs that existed for
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