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Business and Management HL Internal Assessment

Research question:
What marketing strategy will help achieve the company its target of a 30% increase in net profit?

Author: Davin Mercado

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Table of Contents Content | page | Research proposal | 3-5 | Executive summary | 6 | Introduction | 7 | Research question | 8 | Methodology | 8 | Main Findings | 9 | 1. Reasons for reduced net profits | 10 | 2. INTAQ’s current marketing mix | 11 | Analysis and Discussion | 12 | 1. SWOT analysis | 12 | 2. Financial ratio analysis | 13-14 | 3. Analysis of INTAQ’s product line | 15-16 | 4. Analysis of INTAQ’s growth opportunities |
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The financial reports are in the business tools (such as Boston Matrix and Ratio Analysis) to evaluate the firm and to decide a course of action. Non- financial tools such as the SWOT and marketing and promotion mix were also used.
The following strategies should be implemented to achieve net profit targets: * INTAQ should apply market penetration strategies by selling its products to supermarkets groceries and directly to the consumers. * INTAQ should remove or replace products that have low or negative gross profit like Vannamei PD 31/40 and Pangasius w/ broccoli product lines. * INTAQ should introduce a pull, below the line promotion.

Integrated Aquaculture Specialist Incorporated, INTAQ for short, is a private limited company, which started off as Ram Aquafeed Corporation in 1987. From 1988 to 1994 there have been many expansion projects including the construction of a shrimp hatchery in Liloan, Cebu and grow out farms in Barili, Cebu and in Bacolod, Negros. Eventually, in 1997 Ram Aquafeeds Corp. was renamed into Integrated Aquaculture Specialist Incorporated to better reflect a fully integrated aquaculture company. Due to the financial crisis in 2007 and appreciation of the peso, the company decided in 2007 to open a new division, the seafood distribution for the domestic market. The products of the seafood distribution division of INTAQ include

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