My Call To Ministry : My Faith Journey In My Christian Life

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My call to ministry was actually not my own doing. At the start of my Christian life, my mother and grandmother raised me in the church where I would sacrifice my life to be a part of ministry. I participate in different ministries as a child. I became a choir member at an early age. Then, I became a praise dancer, a junior deacon, and a Sunday school teacher. This transition to different ministries became a part of my true purpose for God: to fulfill His purpose in my life.
However, I have been challenged throughout this faith journey. I was a child born out of wedlock, which meant that my parents never married when I was born. My parents never got along, which lead me to live with my mother during the weekdays and to live with my father during the weekends and the summer. However, as I headed to my freshmen year to high school, I felt that I could not be with my father, knowing our relationship would not work out. I spend with my mother and grandmother, which lead me to reaffirm my faith and to restore my relationship as he was diagnose with diabetes and had heart surgery. Soon, I made amends, trying to overcome the guilt of leaving him, even thinking about what would happen if he had died.
In elementary school, I suffer the bullying because I was not cool. I was never in the cool class, not even in college. Because students in elementary school treated me badly, such as laughing at me when I fell down or joking about how I am in love with a girl, I preserve my faith and

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