My Calling into the Church

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From a very young age, I knew I had an inclination towards helping people. This inclination was not limited to people within familiarity. I wanted to help the whole world. Now, this train of thought isn’t uncommon for a young girl; as a child it’s perpetual to want involvement in something bigger than one's self. This drive to help was so intrinsically integrated within me that its momentum pulsated through my veins. Where did this feeling come from? Well, growing up in an environment in which few people believed in me, I felt shy, helpless, and incapable of forming change. This feeling of impotence was the catalytic inertia that drove me towards my ultimate life purpose: To help people overcome the helplessness that afflicted me. This intellectual pursuit of mentor-ship and committing myself to the betterment of society, was the beginning of a life-long journey. This journey began and is deeply rooted in church. Growing up in a religious environment, I observed and absorbed things that I continuously apply in every aspect of my life. One particular quote from a passage in the bible transformed my perception of my obligation as a person. It states ,“Let your life so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father”. This statement inspired me and I began to see that life involved more than just myself, but my service to others. At this point, I became actively engaged within my church. I participated in youth choir, praise dance, organized youth

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