My Campaign For A Young Age

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At a young age we are often taught certain principles that push us to grow into positive and productive members of society. Growing up I was surrounded by the act of giving. Whether it was time, money, or energy it was something that I saw not only in my family but was also taught in school. Having this ingrained into me during my formative younger years has shaped me into a person that I admire and introduced me to the world of helping others. Entering college and exploring all my options was overwhelming but through trial and error I learned that my true calling was to follow a path of working towards change for the numerous issues that trouble our world. Prior to college these desires were not fully developed but letting the principle of giving guide my daily life I became involved with things that benefited others, which led me to the Augustine Literacy Project. My volunteering with this program and others with a similar mission, further reinforced what my future goals were and what path would be best to carry them out. My research of program choices at Appalachian State University resulted in me choosing to major in Global Studies and minor in French and Non-profit management. This selection would open doors to the nonprofit sector and a community of individuals with like-minded goals and values. By reading Deborah Brandt’s article “Sponsors of Literacy”, I’ve learned how to not only succeed through my growing literary skills in this field but to also recognize and
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