My Campus Interview Project : Mark Conway Of The College Of Saint Benedict

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For my campus interview project I interviewed Mark Conway of the College of Saint Benedict Literary Arts Institute. Mark has a long history with CSBSJU he father went to school at Saint Johns University. As Mark got older and was ready to go to college he followed in his dads footsteps and he to enrolled at Saint Johns University. Shortly after graduating from Saint Johns University Mark worked nine years at Minnesota Public Radio, which was founded in Collegeville Minnesota. Mark has been a CSBSJU employee for twenty-six years. He’s been at the Literary Arts Institute for eighteen years. As special fact about Mark is he actually founded and created the Literary Arts Institute. The more I talked to Mark the more I understood how passionate he is about the Literary Arts Institute along with CSBSJU.

The purpose of the literary Arts Institute is to foster creative writing, publishing, and interaction between students and writers. Mark has been apart of the efforts to bring well-recognized authors and writers to our campuses. Along with writing reading is also promoted. The Literary Arts Institute has its own studio in this studio students can get introduced to the artistry of fine letterpress. At the end of our interview Mark took me down there and it is quite astonishing. The studio had a printing machine that was over a hundred years old.

Being the creator and director of an organization is not a simple task. Mark does a variety of things within the Literary Arts
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