My Canoeing Journey

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I was never sure I can make it this far I had the knowledge and the drive, then I finally got my Breakthrough in life. I always wanted to go to college becauses I knew the endless possibilities that can happen in my life and my family. When I was given an opportunity to increase my chances at making college I waste a second to take my chance and looking back on 3 summers I made the right decision. Through reflecting on my times as breakthrough student, I learned that my biggest area of growth have been dealing with challenges, working with discomfort, and discovering new concepts.

A large area of growth I’ve experienced as a breakthrough student has been dealing with challenges. The most challenging part of the BLP retreat was the canoeing trip. This required patience, strength, and persistence to make to and from our destination. Through paddling I have gotten move arm strength, but most importantly I fought the struggle and made it to the island. All in all I used the persist code battle the tiring activity called canoeing. It has taught me to work through difficult task, no matter how much I want to quit. Although I had to push myself canoeing helped me expand on my persistence to real world situation.

Another area of growth I’ve experienced is public speaking. The most important thing we worked on at Breakthrough was using your voice. This required confidence and the ability to be calm to be understood by everyone . Through my 3 years of breakthrough, I have gotten
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