My Capsule Collection Essay

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Through beginning visual research into designers, who influence me aiming towards creating my capsule collection I have noticed that I am drawn to the quality, detailing and styling of minimalistic and simplistic fashion. This I will be using as a key concept throughout my whole collection, looking to then create a potential minimalist collection of my own. Where I am aiming for my final outcome to be characterized by the use of simple design, enhancing the deliberate lack of decorative or adornment within style, with this in mind to develop and collaborate into my practical work, the topic I have chosen to discuss is the historical development and understanding of minimalism within a fashion context, defining the way different fashion
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Expressing the status of minimalism can be represented through the pared-down qualities, basic shapes, objectivity, designs with the barest elements and essentials stretched to produce maximum effect and unsigned/unnamed style. Often very sparse detailing but produced with fabulous finishing combined against impersonal tones, where the details can be repeated creating a layering effect. The Minimalism movement defines and collaborates, with the relative aspects that are shown within the Modernism period and often can be mistaken for the Abstract expressionism take on the art world, leading to transferring a style passage to the Post-minimal creative art practice. Potentially minimalism could also be interpreted as not just for the arts, but also as a life style choice to reflect yourself as a person, if your personal preferences are based on no fuss and no a bother attitude, but also in fact refined pieces that contain detailing through the quality of an object, and of the simplicity, stripped back to purely just key essentials that have been played upon with classical yet contemporary details that can be transferred into a fashion
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