My Care Plan for a Recovery Room Patient

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My care plan for a recovery room patient is designed for this specific patient based on the problems I encountered with her that day. I included outcomes based on observations and interventions that occurred during my patient encounter.
“Airway Management in Post Anesthetic Care” (2013) states that discharge criteria from the PACU includes that patients must be fully conscious and able to maintain their own airway displaying adequate oxygenation. This patient struggled to maintain safe oxygen saturation and that eventually led to an extended time in the PACU. The priority nursing diagnosis for this patient is impaired gas exchange related to ventilation- perfusion imbalance as evidenced by inability to maintain O2 saturation above 90% without oxygen. The main goal for this patient is to maintain an O2 sat above 90% on room air before leaving the PACU. Nurse will encourage the patient to take deep breaths when noting any notable decrease in oxygen during their stay in PACU. Encouraging deep breathing allows for better lung expansion and will help correct the drop in oxygen saturation (Ackley & Ladwig, 2012). Nurse will provide an alternative source of oxygen such as via face tent instead of mask during patient stay in PACU. The rationale for this intervention is that pediatric patient’s typically respond better to oxygen via face tent, because they…
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