My Career : A Career As A Cosmetologist

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My paper will be about my career of being cosmetologist .I’ve wanted to be a cosmetologist since I was small. My mom is a cosmetologist. She went to college in Mexico and studied for a year. I really wanna help people feel good about themselves and look good everyone should be happy with who they are so I wanna help them . I love helping my mom when she works and I love practicing at her salon I plan on working with her as soon as I get out of high school so I can earn money to go to a cosmetology school . I really wanna do cosmetology I enjoy doing it . My personality will help me in my job because people usually like talking while they are being attended and I talk a lot . I am very nice and i am patient so those qualities are good to have when you are attending clients. My values are for example I don’t like being mean and i don’t like being annoying. Those values help because who wants a mean or annoying hair stylist. Having a nice and fun personality can help you get more clients .The more clients you have you get more money but you also get to experience new things . And if you’re good enough you could go to hollywood and do celebrities hair and makeup which would be an great experience. I didn’t really like the jobs the assessments suggested but they suggested i be a therapist which i don’t really wanna do , but a therapist is someone who helps people with their life/mental problems. The jobs that were suggested many times
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