My Career After My Childhood Essay

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Danielle King Ms.Milliner EES21QH-03 09/26/16 College Research Paper So what do I want to be in life is probably one of the most asked question I have received so far in my childhood. Me finding a career that I would actually enjoy and actually be satisfied with is very hard. I dabbled in finding a career my whole childhood, I must have changed my career over a hundred times. But now I believe I have found the right one. The career I plan on being in is Teaching. This is a career I am pretty solid on and do not plan on changing for the next twenty years. I believe I would excel in this field. I am interested in this career due to the fact that i want to fix an epidemic that the school system fails to realize. Too many children are still getting left behind in the school system and it seems like nobody cares. In the Article, “No Child Left Behind Is Gone, but Will It Be Back?” written by Melissa Tooley, states , “ Many of the suggested interventions for schools identified as needing improvement were more like a machete than a knife, such as replacing all of a school’s staff (although few schools chose this option). And even teachers who were still working toward certification were deemed “highly qualified,” making the HQT provision largely toothless.” Although the No Child Left Behind Act was passed, many of our children are still falling through the cracks of the education system. The education system fails to get to the root of the

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