My Career And My Personal Life

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Over the past four years, I turned from a scared freshman into a confident senior. I battled depression and anxiety throughout my time in high school. If it were not for the support from my family and my strong will to fight through these challenges, I would not be the person I am today. I wish to continue on my quest for happiness and fulfillment in both my career and my personal life. I want to focus on academics without compromising the time I spend with my family. Most importantly, I will work toward becoming a more confident, creative, and highly motivated adult. I never thought about college as something optional. As a little girl, I wanted to attend UCLA for many reasons. That dream continued throughout high school, however, once I started my senior year, I began doubting myself. I made the decision not to apply to UCLA. I didn’t think my grades were up to par. Instead, I applied to CSUN and CSUCI. I got into both schools, but I made the decision to attend CSUN. Channel Islands, while it is a great school, did not have as many majors or resources. My mom attended CSUN and my dad spend a short time there as well. We took a tour of CSUN earlier this year and I knew that it was the school for me. In college, I plan to define and reach success in a number of ways. I want to discover my purpose in life as far as careers go. Being able to inspire and uplift the people around me is ideal. I feel that my life will be successful each day if I choose to have a positive

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