My Career And Personal Study Of Leadership

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Week 1 – Developing a Leadership Profile During the course of my career and personal study of leadership practice, I have had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with a number of leaders whom I admire. When considering a choice for this paper, a number of strong leaders from a wide range of backgrounds came to mind. I considered Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford Motor Company, Jack Welsh former Chairman and CEO of General Electric, and Paul Downes President and CEO of Mountaire Farms, and Lee Iacocca former CEO of Chrysler. All of these leaders are well known within their industries and would make excellent candidates for a leadership profile. Instead, I chose John Hand, former operations executive of Georgia Pacific Corporation as the focus on this essay. John Hand is a self made man who came from humble beginnings. Orphaned at the age of two years old, he was raised and educated at the Milton Hershey School, where he learned the value of hard work, the importance of relationships, and how integrity and honesty are the cornerstone of a man’s success. During his time at the Milton Hershey School, John developed many strong relationships that he would carry throughout his life. He finished his high school education and trade studies as an electrician, before going to work as an electricians’ helper for The Scott Paper Company in Chester, Pennsylvania. During his early years at Scott Paper, John devoted himself to his education. Going to night school, he
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