My Career As A Athlete

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Before racing shells, coxswains, and 5:00 am rowing practices, it was always sports that represented a measure of success for me. From a young age I dreamed of joining the ranks of Division 1 collegiate athletes all over the country and knew my success would be the direct result of my commitment to training. Fast forward twenty years and the athletic career I have experienced has been nothing short of successful. Rowing demanded more from me than I had ever demanded of myself and taught me the power of perseverance. It instilled in me that my capabilities have no boundaries and laid the groundwork for my success in business. The sport of rowing is relentless in its power to expose the mental strength of athletes. Since the completion of my experience as a collegiate athlete, I have been driven by a passion to further my career as a professional in sport. With the achievement of obtaining a graduate degree, I know as I create new career goals, I will have the skills necessary to succeed in a new chapter of life. While I have a strong background in collegiate sports, coaching, and sports entertainment, I believe a Master’s in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco will provide me with the professional networks, specialized training, and management skills necessary to reach my goals of transitioning into Sport Marketing and Event Management. I hope to explore the opportunities of the sports marketplace and gain enough knowledge from the core curriculum and
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