My Career As A Career

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I am curious. It’s that simple. I am eager to learn and experience from whomever, whatever and wherever possible, whether its learning the intricacies of energy metabolism or expanding my horsemanship knowledge, it makes my brain happy. I have developed strong business acumen, valuing existing relationships and always cultivating new connections. My goal is to make everyday some kind of awesome, the parts of it I love and the parts I don 't. I have always been fond of animals and as I matured I desired a career that would allow me to provide the health and quality of life for all kinds animals. I was reluctant to pursue a career in veterinary medicine because I was convinced that only geniuses could be Veterinarians and belief that I was a genius was quickly disputed in geometry. I slid through college, giving up on my dream left me pursing a career I was not passionate about which I regretfully let effect my academics. I went on to have a successful, yet unfulfilling career in marketing. I soon understood that having the house, the friends, and the bank account wasn 't enough. Realizing I would always have a keen awareness that I sold myself short, I decided to relentlessly pursue a second career in veterinary medicine. Being back in college l I have found that I have a strong aptitude in the biological sciences and greatly enjoy the challenging material. My career in marketing was spent building consumer strategies and then translating them into effective brand

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