My Career As A Clinical Psychologist

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The aim of this portfolio is to present my career choice as a clinical psychologist and to show the skills and experience I have gained and those that I have yet to gain, plus an account of how I expect to gain them. I will continue to discuss personal experiences which really pushed me to pursue my goals, along with a list of disorders which take my interest. Next, I will provide a few different organisations relating to psychology and the importance of good health care. I will showcase and discuss my CV followed by the importance of self-development and self-reflection. Images regarding clinical psychology and other surrounding areas will be viewable in my appendices.

My future career goals are for me to become a clinical psychologist. I have been striving to work with disorders for a long time now, and feel this occupation is best suited to my goals. Before my current course, which is Psychology and Psychotherapy with Counselling, I did a year of psychology with The Open University which acted as an access course and allowed me to be accepted into UCLAN. My course at UCLAN will guide me in achieving the knowledge, skills and experience I need to get to my goals as a clinical psychologist.
Although I have always had an interest in this field, personal experiences really gave me that push to pursue my goals in helping others. Around the age of 14 I developed an eating disorder, anxiety and depression, which was strenuous emotionally, mentally and physically for my-self
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