My Career As A Customer Service Specialist At Ups

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My peers, friends and supervisors describe me as a pleasant, smart and intelligent woman. One of the most important qualities that I possess is the diversity of experience. I started my career as a Customer service specialist at UPS in Dubai, U.A.E , climbing up the ranks to a Freight Services Supervisor within one year. My strong leadership skills, …...out of the box thinking helped me achieve …. As a Supervisor, I improved the performance of the staff working under me which required team work and strong communication among all the team members. I reinforced collaboration in my team… as twelve people of different cultures and get them to work together. . I was also incharge of the finances of the department. This included creating budgets for the fiscal year. I moved to the United States in 2007. Like most immigrants, I was unfamiliar with the American Culture and the work style. To make things worse, I started looking for a job in 2008, which was peak recession. While attending numerous interviews the managers were reluctant to hire someone with no work experience in the Unites States. I interviewed at XPO (Formerly Con-way) . They were very impressed with my cultural diversity and my knowledge in the transpiration industry. I was hired by XPO ( Formerly Con-way) as a Senior, Logistics Account Manager in Oct, 2007 . I held this position for five years. XPO logistics is the top ten global provider of transportation and logistics. My job responsibilities in this role

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