My Career As A Nurse

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My Nursing Career Not everyone has the calling to be a nurse but I am one of the lucky ones to be called to this wonderful profession. Being a nurse has its ups and downs like any other profession, but being able to make a difference in someone’s life is an absolute blessing. It took me a long time to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a registered nurse but I made it with a lot of help from my family. Life stories Ever since I was in high school I had wanted to be a nurse. I took two years of classes in high school at a local area vocational center. These classes focused on health occupations. I married when I was a senior in high school. After graduation I moved to an entirely different state because my husband at the time joined the military. I then began my career as a homemaker. Being married and moving away from everything I had ever known was a big adjustment for me. I did not pursue my college education because I was newly married and busy setting up our home. 22 years after having being married twice and two of our four children graduated from high school, I finally was able to realize my dream of going to college and becoming a nurse. My sister had just graduated nursing school the year prior. She was forty-four years old. I told myself that if she can do it, I can do it also. With a lot of sacrifice and hard work, I finally made it. It was a long journey for me but I have absolutely loved every minute of it. Being a nurse brings me a sense of pride

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