My Career As A Police Officer

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My future chosen profession as a police officer it is important to remain true to yourself and others. By emplacing and respecting the following fifteen codes of ethics I believe I will be successful within my career as well as in my personal life. My mission to be the best police officers I know and can be, and to help and instill hope in peoples lives who have rather distasteful situations and circumstances. By having my code of ethics readily available it will help remind me of why I want to be a police officer and refresh my practices.
I will strive to remain responsible for my life and others with the greatest extent of protection. I will strive for this by being on guard at all times and holding accountability when things go wrong. In the line of duty, it is my responsibility to stay aware and on guard at all times.
I will strive to instill integrity everyday while on duty by implementing and staying true to my strong moral principles. As a police officer with Medicine Hat Police Service they strive for all of their employees to show integrity within their every day duties. It shows that I as an individual is ethical and has strong moral grounds of belief.
I will go beyond the expectations of me to do my best that the justice system does not fail the victims or society in the processes of prosecuting the offender. To ensure this I will have the reports, exhibits and testimony perfected in all cases. This is important to me because
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