My Career As A Psychologist Essay

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When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer, later on I wanted to be a police officer and the list goes on. I have never been the type of person who was set in one career until my senior year of high school. That year I took an introduction to psychology class that really changed my perspective on psychology. There I learned that there were many types of fields with in the field of psychology. I felt a really strong connection and interest in psychology after that class. Therefore, after long consideration I have considered to pursue a career as a psychologist after graduate school. The years it takes to become a psychologist really depends on one specific career path in psychology and the type of degree one wants to obtain. There are many different types of path one can take with a degree in psychology. One can pursue a career in cognitive, evolutionary, social, forensic, developmental, educational, counseling or clinical psychology. Cognitive psychology “is the study of the memory, perception and learning attention” (A List of the Different Types of Psychology Degrees). Evolutionary psychology “attempts to find out why and how humans evolved with behavioral modes and perspectives that explains an innate algorithm of deep-rooted defense mechanism strategies” (A List of the Different Types of Psychology Degrees). Forensic psychology “involves the study of the rationale behind eyewitness testimonies, evidence and jury decisions” (A List of the Different Types of
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