My Career As A School Teacher

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I started my academic teaching career as a school teacher back in my country of birth, Nepal. Then, became college lecture before moving to the UK in 2005. Since 2005, I have been involved in the higher education (HE) practice in the UK in different capabilities, first as a postgraduate student, followed by a research student (PhD), then a post-doctorate researcher and finally a lecturer. I am now involved in delivering a number of undergraduates and postgraduate modules as well as module leader for a postgraduate module on digital image and signal processing (M03CDE). During these years, I have formally involved in three UK universities (Northumbria University, Oxford University and Coventry University). All these years, my involvement…show more content…
In order to prepare the graduate who can deal with the complex problems of the modern age, it is necessary that the graduates are exposed to real-world problem from the very first-year study and taught the transferable skills such as problem-solving, organizational skills and technology skills.
In the report ‘Skills & Demand in Industry 2016 Survey’ by IET (IET 2016) and the institute for employment studies (Connor et al. 2000) clearly indicates that there is a skill gaps in practical skills and engineering employers find it difficult to recruit people with practical skills. Hence, in order to increases the graduates’ employability prospects, there is an emphasis on practical skills development for electrical and electronics engineering from the first year of studies and hence activities led laboratory based learning is emphasised. Enforcing activity-led learning where learner enhances the problem-solving skill by continuous practice of solving unknown real world problem in class and laboratory environments enriches the learning experience (Psillos and Niedderer 2006). In these activity led learning, students are given an instruction of the task to carry out and they work on pair to carry out the task. This tends to enforce students’ learning by seeing, reflecting, reasoning and visualizing as also enforce their communication and teamwork skills. The activity-led learning module tends to be very popular and
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