My Career As A Signal Officer Essay

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From a young age, I knew that I was interested in public speaking and the crafting of messages that the audience would be able to learn from. After joining the Army at 18 and choosing a degree in communication, it was clear to me that my two favorite things would overlap in the future, to bring me the career of my dreams. After graduating college with a degree in Organizational and Professional communication and with a minor in Advocacy in Criticism, I am committed to serve in the Army full time. Immediately after college I plan to commission into the communication branch of the Army, or signal. This is where I will begin my career as a Signal Officer, managing my delegated area of the army and troop communication as a whole. After a few years of experience there, I will branch off as a Civil Affairs Officer within the Army. This will deal with the communities we will be integrated with during deployment and allow me to make a positive relationship and impression with those members of the community. Finally, after I leave the Army, I will be in prime position, experience and intelligence wise, to take up an executive position working for the government. -My hope is to get into either politics, Homeland Security or US Customs and Border Protection, as a Public Relations Specialist to try to repay the nation that has already given me so much.
To start this journey, I took my love and knowledge for politics and begin gaining experience. I started volunteering back in
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