My Career As A Teacher

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This paper gives a background on how I developed as a professional and who was a primary mentor in my life. It delves briefly into my past and explains how I came to be in the military, while also explaining how a certain person was able to contribute to my professional growth. This paper examines my life as I progress from high school student to a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) and a few of the challenges I had to endure. Developing a Professional What does being a mentor mean? In my opinion, it means teaching, guiding, and letting a person make small mistakes so they have less of a chance of making a big one. I have been fortunate in my short military career to have many mentors, both great and some not so great. One who has…show more content…
My husband and I split up a few months after graduation and unless I was willing to give up custody of my daughter, I would not be able to join the military. So I made other plans and started working towards a different goal. As fate would have it however, my husband and I reconciled, worked things out and got back together. Two weeks later I was called by my recruiter and was told that a spot had just opened up and I could leave in just a few short days. I decided to go for it and the rest is history. For my first duty station, I was assigned to Mountain Home AFB in Idaho. I arrived there in May 2010 with my husband, daughter, and pregnant with my second child. Shortly thereafter I became a single parent and was learning to develop both as a parent and as an airman. I was fortunate to be working with many wonderful people who might not have understood my situation but were very supportive. Marna was one such person. She was a retired Chief Master Sergeant who had worked in pharmacy all her career and had a wealth of experience under her belt. She became my first mentor and helped teach me more about pharmacy in the military world and the extra duties that came along with it. Whenever I had questions, she would be there to answer them and if she didn’t have the answer, she could help me find the person who did. During my first year at Mountain Home, I had gone through a lot and Marna helped me to focus on the good things and remember that life always

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