My Career As An Administrator Assistant

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve had an interest and a passion for technology, computers, and graphic design programs. If you did not own a computer back then you were not “cool” according to my friends. As soon as we were able to afford it, we bought our first computer. I remember being so exited when my parents brought it home, but I also remember ruining the computer a couple of times with viruses until it went officially out of business. Before I killed my computer for ever and ever, I could say I learned how to write in microsoft word, but I never paid to much attention to excel because I thought I was not going to need it. I was wrong! Today, I work as an administrator assistant. I could say that learning to manage programs like word and excel helped me tremendously in my career. I also work as a graphic designer, but only as a freelancer. Practicing, getting familiar with the computer and with a better antivirus I was able to learn and use my computer for school, to communicate with family, and even learn more about my own computer. Today I am very familiar with different operating systems, word processing programs and presentation programs as well. One of the things I would say it is a priority to me is to memorize terms. I learned how to write a letter on the computer before, after a while I learned that the program I was using was a word processor program. I knew how to use it but did not know how was it called. I believe I still have a lot of terms to learn, that…
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