My Career As An Educator

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When I started at to real college I had some experience with in the field of special-education but not the knowledge that I have accumulated during the times of my masters program. I have developed throughout my time at Touro college New skills new strategies that will help me throughout my teaching career. It has help me open my eyes to a whole other side of special ed that I did not know existed. Due to all this new knowledge I have not found it difficult to transfer from a teacher assistant to a teacher. I feel like I have the tools and the encouragement to move forward in my teaching career. My philosophy has not changed but has more meaning to it. I believe that all children have the ability to learn and attain great independent…show more content…
I just incorporating families in activities or just inviting them in for the day helps grow a better bond between my students and myself. I learn how to incorporate technology within a special-needs environment. This was something that was not familiar to me at all. Now I see the benefits of using technology with special needs children especially nonverbal ones. You have shown me that there are many different ways of communication so even if the child cannot speak they can still relate to the lesson at hand. Throughout the time in my practicum I learned hands on in different types of environment which taught me new methods of modification. It has showed me how a child is being taught by a teacher that understands them modifies for them can progress on to the next level and you will see the growth not only when they come in but as they proceed to the next level. Within any lesson plans after it has been completed a teacher can point out the strengths and limitations of each lesson. For my Saint Patrick day 's lesson plan I was taught in a 12 12 classroom setting had several limitations. The time span that I had with them before was very limited so I I just started to create a bond with the student I also think that the cooking activity needed to be better modified so that the nonverbal kids had more of an opportunity to interact. Another limitation will be the lack of technology within the
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