My Career As An Educator

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More than ten years ago, I began my career as an educator in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland; a suburban area of limited cultural or ethnical diversity. A few years later I, transitioned to Anne Arundel County, Maryland where I worked at a Title I school in Annapolis, this school was an urban suburban school with more cultural, ethnical, and social economical diversity. Currently, I work in Prince George’s County, Maryland, at an urban school located in Hyattsville, with a large amount of cultural and ethnical diversity. Each school was different in so many ways, I found it easy to adapt to the different population with a similar level of enthusiasm, never losing sight of my reason for being an educator, to educate young people to become productive, successful, contributing members of a global society.
This easy of adoption to different school climates may be attributed to my natural leadership quality as an Adaptive Aggressive (AA); one who aggressively pursue a goal, according to the Null’s Natural Life Energy Theory. As a natural adaptive aggressive, I am an asset to any organization, able to contribute characteristics such as; resourcefulness, social awareness, self-assuredness, success-oriented abilities, and my virtue of enthusiasm. These qualities are evident daily within my organization from facilitating professional development, planning lessons with teachers, conducting model lessons, and collaborating with members from various departments within the county
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