My Career At Robert Bosch

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Throughout my career at Robert Bosch, I have been exposed to functionality of products like Anti-Lock Braking Systems, Electronic Stability Program, Airbags and other Electronic Control Units. The fact that an average car has 60 different embedded units performing various functions, sharing information over networks like CAN or FLEXRAY, has always amazed me. This exposure has inculcated a passion in me to gain more knowledge in the design and development of embedded systems. I completed my undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics. I was motivated to choose this field of study due to a previous attempt at implementing a cell-phone controlled robot that worked on decoding DTMF signals. The choice paid off when after gaining some knowledge about microcontrollers in my first year, I managed to get the robot up and running. The satisfaction gained has always been a motivational factor in my career decisions. I believe my keen interest developed through projects as well as my basic professional experience in the embedded domain will help me actively participate in UCLA 's graduate program in Electrical Engineering, with focus on Embedded Systems. I received my undergraduate degree from Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham University, where my key interests were subjects like Microcontrollers, Digital Systems, Control Systems, Analog Electronic and Drives. My degree program involved a mix of course work and lab work. While the concepts were taught in class, the complete

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