My Career Between Medicine And Mathematics

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I still remember the struggle to choose my career between medicine and mathematics as I graduated from high school in 2005. While mathematics was my favorite subject, medicine was a highly sought after profession in India. After thorough consideration, I made the decision to pursue medicine for my career. During the fourth year of medical school, I came across a blog titled “Can Math Cure Cancer?” by Robert Langreth on Reading the blog, I realized the opportunity to rejuvenate my childhood love for mathematics while pursuing a career in medicine. To make this marriage between medicine and mathematics possible, I pursued Masters in Public Health with a major in Biostatistics at Drexel University. At Drexel, I was specifically interested in outcomes research. I participated in several projects in which we studied “real-world” outcomes of patients with cardiovascular diseases undergoing percutaneous interventions using National Inpatient Sample (NIS) data. I also designed and developed a software for anti-coagulation management to increase the compliance with American College of Chest Physician’s guidelines among medicine residents. By participating in the projects, I learnt the complexity and nuances of study design, data analysis and programming. I also learnt to see each patient in the clinic from an eye of a researcher.

I began my residency with a keen desire to develop into a physician-scientist. Although, my prior research was mostly in cardiology, I kept an

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