My Career Choice For Myself

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Never once did I consider another career choice for myself; I always had one career in my heart and to become a teacher. In fact I always felt like I have been preparing for the teaching profession my whole life. As a little girl I would always play pretend with my sisters and make them be my students while I “taught” them. If they didn’t want to play teacher with me, which was often the case, I would play with my stuffed animals and Barbie’s and pretend that I had a whole classroom. Even now as I share my education and career goals, people me that I will make a great teacher and I really hope I live up to their expectations!
When I was in middle school my mom ran a couple of Girl Scout troops in a school in the next town over. She actually let me run her Daisy troop for a few years while she would run the Brownie troop. A Daisy troop is usually ages 5-6, so I had a much easier time teaching them since I was still so young. I myself was so excited that my mom entrusted me with the responsibly to lead these girls; it was my chance to take all the “practice” I had gotten from teaching my sisters and my toys and actually use it. I usually would just come up with fun activities for them so that they could earn a badge every time we would get together. Other times they would come early and I would help them with their homework. I was actually able to use all my hard work and leadership skills toward earning my bronze medal. When I was a Junior, we also were the troop that had
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