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My Career Choice I have decided to become a criminal lawyer because I want to improve the world by putting criminals in jail and defending people who are being falsely accused. I have wanted to be this for a long time, but just to be sure I have taken several career quizzes and found that this is the career best suited for me. This will take a lot of dedication and hard work but I feel that this will be something I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life ( or until I retire.) My School To become a lawyer you need four years undergraduate and three years law school. There is no specific undergraduate that will prepare you for being a lawyer but the best ones to take are ones that deal with stress and problem solving such as political science, english, economics, business, philosophy, and journalism. The college I have chosen to attend is UNC at Chapel Hill because they have a great law program and they are relatively near the house my family will be living in at that time. Also, as a student you can attend the basketball games for free and I have always been a huge fan of their team. When I go here I will have a major of political science and a minor of business. I will choose this because political science is relevant to the subject matter and business will be useful if I want to start my own law office. While in college I will not live in a dorm room, but in a nearby apartment where I can have my own space and maybe even a dog! After this I will go on to law

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