My Career Choices Within The Nutrition Field Essay

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During this semester in the Introduction to Human Science class we have done several career exploration papers within our degree field and to explore the careers within the human sciences. The discussion of this paper will include three values that I find important, three career choices within the nutrition field, and three long term goals. I will also discuss how I will reach my long term goals and how my career choices and values tie into one another.
According to Kato&Elias (2015), “Personal values create beliefs, actions, and behaviors that are important in your personal life” (p. 259). Personal values are also influenced by life experiences and family. Just as a person has a set of personal values, one might have a set of work values. My personal values can also apply to work values. Throughout my life, I have valued health, respect and harmony, and unity. I value health; without health you cannot move forward in either your personal or work life. I value respect and harmony. I feel you should treat others the way you would like to be treated. There should always be a balance in place when people interact. Respect and harmony are values that apply in my personal life and in my work life because they make interaction between people more pleasant and less stressful. I value unity because it shows cohesiveness in a group. Unity shows support and the ability to get along. Unity is important in my personal life and work life because you are supported.
Since I am an
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