My Career Development Of An Office Environment

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I started working at a very young age for my grandpa, selling t-shirts at truck and tractor pulls. I moved into several customer service and assembly positions for five years. I developed many skills and met many great people. However, my passion was to work in an office environment. After fulfilling a year-long contract through a temporary agency, I received a job offer as a full-time permanent employee. I turned down this position in order to pursue my dream of working in an office environment.
Project Footsteps While going working full-time, going to school, and fulfilling my Army commitments, I also took it upon myself to do an unpaid internship. I did this in order to gain experience working in an office environment and start my
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This taught be about various aspects within an organization including, operations, marketing, talent acquisition, inventory, as well as scheduling. I also learned some of the struggles as a small non-profit business. Everything was donation based, and sometimes it was only hours before a program would start when we received a food donation. This was very important for Project Footsteps because many of the kids were from low-income families where the kids relied on eating at the program. I also learned about how marketing campaigns need to be looked at from an outside view. Prior to starting my internship, there was a fundraiser called “Kegs for Kids.” From an outside perspective, this looks like they are providing alcohol to children. This was a fundraiser where the target market was college kids and young adults in order to raise money for their organization. I also learned about recruiting more than I initially expected. I assisted with advertising, recruiting and selecting interns to replace our positions.
North Lake Contracting My first paid office job was as an office manager at a North Lake Contracting. I was excited to start administrative office work. I answered the main phone line, made sales appointments, prepared informational pamphlets, and ensured subcontractors had proper tax documentation prior to being hired for jobs. This position gave me the opportunity to learn more about the construction
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