My Career Experiences

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In this essay I will examine my current skills within my previous studies and work experiences. I will describe how I may apply them to any possible future careers as well as discuss my career interests, capabilities, education, work and volunteering experiences. This will enable me to broaden my search into my future career path, as well aid me in my search for training opportunities. From the ages of ten to sixteen I was home educated by my mother and myself in a broad selection of self-chose subjects. I discovered that a singular learning environment improved my independent learning skills, for I was in control of my timetable, schedule and study topics. This increased my intrinsic motivation; for I found my own rewards in the subjects that I chose to study. I attended two colleges over three years, during this time I expanded my learning abilities to include time management with the selection of classes and personal development studies, resilience with the assignments and adaptability with teamwork and leadership, also because of the three hours commute I would utilize this free time with multitasking my coursework and studies. Whilst I was operating and studying in a fast-paced performing arts environment, this gave me the sociological and inventive mindset to incorporate my thespian background into my career choices, for I gained an elaborate skill set from my acting studies which have assisted me in a range of consumer and customer delegations. In 2015 I began to
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