My Career Goal ( Your Career Goals )

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1. Career Goals (Your career goals) She was a five-year-old girl with skinny chicken legs, oversized glasses, and the most contagious smile you’ve ever seen. Every morning for three years, it was this smiling face that greeted me with an obnoxious wave and anxious enthusiasm as I drove up a long gravel driveway to a small farmhouse in Granite Falls, Minnesota. As a teen, I worked as a personal care assistant for young clients suffering physical and intellectual delays. It was the morning I was pulling in for my final shift that I recognized that helping this little girl reach her full potential by aiding in her daily activities was a small stepping-stone to reaching my goal of earning my doctorate degree in nursing. Although it was on that specific day that I determined I would pursue a career in advanced nursing, I have been in love with learning and the healthcare industry for as long as I can remember. From learning to ride a bike to starting my first IV, I have always blissfully awaited every lesson and anxiously sought to conquer its content. My intellectual curiosity has continuously driven me to seek out more knowledge and I’ve regularly employed my focus and commitment skills to grasp complex issues and ideas. My primary goal for completing the graduate program is to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to assume a more autonomous role in healthcare. My hope is that by attending graduate school, I will be immersed into an intellectual environment surrounded by
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