My Career Goals: A Personal Statement

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Public policy and government affects the entire environment in which society operates in. Policy shapes the circumstances by which civilization can either flourish or diminish the quality of life for others. It is through this ability that I want to pursue my graduate degree in government and public policy. I believe I have both the ability and prudent skill set to help further the ideals of society in a thoughtful manner. These ideals, ultimately will further the quality of life for society in a manner that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. It is in this pursuit that my graduate studies in government and public policy will be of immense benefit. My prior experience has been within the business segment of the community. I obtained by bachelors in Economics and Government, both of which are passions of mine. I intend to leverage my knowledge of international trading to further my ideals in regards to public policy. I believe there is a serious and pressing need for individuals with a business background to help facilitate the mutual benefit of trade. The world's economies are becoming more interconnected. As seen by the must recent financial crisis in America, negative impacts in one area of the world could have devastating consequences for expecting countries elsewhere. Europe is currently in its second recession in a decade, China's growth is slowing, GDP growth in Brazil has fallen, and American is only growing at a very modest pace. Public policy,
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