My Career Goals And Objectives

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Nine years ago when I first joined faculty of engineering at Alexandria University, I would have never imagined that I would apply for a Management PhD program one day. My dream was to become an electrical engineer but another thing was perfectly destined and planned for me. It has all started during my last year in the college. I was majoring electrical engineering and I took a project management course. This course has changed all my goals and objectives. I have become really impressed by how it could be so important to simulate and optimize process, and how that can save much money, time and resources. Unconsciously my career objectives have taken a twist during studying that subject. Quantitative analysis, mathematical modelling and optimization of different business processes have become my major interests.
In 2012, I completed the BSc degree in Electrical Engineering with an excellent cumulative grade with degree of honor which is the highest possible grade in Egypt. My ranking was also the fourth student among 196 students’ class. After graduation, my vision was not so clear but I wanted to learn more about business and its different areas. Therefore, I decided to enroll ina Master of Business Administration program to pursue my goals. I applied to ESLSCA, a French business school which has a campus in Alexandria, MBA program and fortunately I was accepted with a scholarship too. I was a little bit afraid at the beginning of the program as I was the youngest and the…

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