My Career Goals Are Influenced By My Daughter

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My career goals are greatly influenced by my daughter, Lilliana. She gives me so much motivation to go far and to never stop settling goals. Having only myself to depend on through life; I was not fortunate to have a backup plan option, such as parents or family. I want to make sure that I can maintain and provide for my daughter in ways I never received. A better education will increase my chances, career wise. With this class, I hope to gain all the necessary tools for my educational toolbox.
Utilizing resources in school and life can make all the difference. I am happy to say I have one of the best resources I have, is God, so I’m in safe hands.
Going back to school can bring in a sense of fear and stress. Sometimes it’s the stress of getting by day to day. Sometimes it’s the stress of knowing what your goals are and making sure you succeed.
When you don’t have a backup plan option in life, you’ll find that you easily hold yourself back from things, such as going back to school. A job is not always everything in life, for me it is that difference between making it by and having that financial stability to maybe pay for my child’s education; after she graduates. For her, my perfect plan would be to make her think she has to pay for her education all on her own. That way she will be more likely to find her own funding through scholarships and grants.
Though at the day of her college graduation I would be able to tell her that I will pay off any debt for her.
You see, I

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