My Career Goals Be A General Manager Of A Professional Team

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My career goals are very widespread because my major can relate to many different things. My main career goal is to be a general manager of a professional basketball team. That role is very difficult to obtain and takes years of professional credibility and hard work, and takes even more as an African American man. There is a small amount of black men that have reached the level of general managers of a professional team. I believe and know that becoming successful in the business world is difficult and as a black man the obstacles are even more frequent and harder than those for the majority. I want to prove people wrong, and at one point in my life I doubted myself as well so I want to prove myself wrong too. A main part of my career…show more content…
I hope to gain new knowledge and respect from Mr. Breedlove. I would also like to pick his brain about how to be successful and be a better version of myself. Since starting and graduating from St. Johns University Mr. Breedlove has been involved in different internships and positions. As a sophomore he started his professional career with a Marketing internship for Rivera Marketing and Media group. During the internship he did everything from managing strategic database for clients, built and maintained company twitter and preparing media and press kits. Another big step in his professional career was his internship in 2012 with MTV Networks as a media relations intern. At this internship he built and maintained strategic list of editors to pitch media. He also assisted with brainstorming sessions and media kits. Mr. Breedlove was doing this while also being Student ambassador at St. John 's University for 10 months. As student ambassador Mr. Breedlove worked with office of admissions and university admissions to conduct open house events and shadow events. A task that probably boosted his communication skills was conducting phone campaigns to potential students. Next, Mr. Breedlove during the summer and first semester interned at Coburn Communication, Inc. as a public relations intern. He was doing similar work at his previous work places, which is building his experience doing this work tremendously. Within his first two

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