My Career Goals : Carlos Garcia

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I met up with my client, Carlos Garcia, and he is seeking counsel if being a Math Professor suit him. Before I tell him to go and pursue a career in the educational field, I have to carefully consider if his personal and academic strengths fits his career option, if being a Math Professor will support his lifestyle, and if his career goal part of the growing job market in the economy. I set up an interview with Carlos so that I will know more about him. During the assessment, I found out what his strengths and weaknesses are, and what drives and motivates him as well. Carlos developed the passion for teaching math as he was helping out his classmate when he took a math class. He enjoys teaching Math and he feels good working around with…show more content…
The workforce in the U.S. is becoming more diverse as immigrants continue to migrate. As provided in this data, there will be further employment opportunities opening, and the number one area that is increasing is the education and health care services. Carlos’ career target is part of the growing area of the economy that needs more employees. As the standards of each career nowadays are getting higher, the demand for new teachers are high on demand. Math Professors are a big help in molding students, since math skills, hone one’s critical thinking skills. Since according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics being a teacher is part of the growing professions in the United States, Carlos has a chance to land a career, and the salary is likely to support his lifestyle. During his career and lifestyle assessment at the website,, it mentions there on how much Math Professors earn annually. A Math Professor earns an average of $88,910, making around $38,420 and $148,660. With this kind of salary range, he can pay for his house’s monthly mortgage, bills, his car, have the luxury to travel for fun, and still be able to help out his family.

His attitude and work value suit his career option. According to California Career Zone ( a Math Professor should be good at interacting with people. According to Carlos, he loves working with other people. As a matter of fact, he
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